Steam at Old Pigweed

Railfanning at Spiderfield: Southern 0-8-0 run-by

Animated watertower

How things started: A few video’s


Home Videos

How a Grain Elevator works

Prairie Sentinels This documentary short is a visual portrait of “Prairie Sentinels,” the vertical grain elevators that once dotted the Canadian Prairies. Surveying an old diesel...

Testrun GP18 after rebuild

Turbo? At last the GP18 has made it's way to te layout. Fitted with an wrong sound decoder, it should be a non-turbo version of...

GP7 at Spiderfield

The GP7 is switching back and forth at Spiderfield in August 2014. Equiped with a Soundtraxx Tsunami Diesel sounddecoder.

Southern Railway Promotional Video

As you can guess by now the Southern Railway is the railway of Spiderfield. Read all about Southern's history and fallen flags here. Including...

Build your own Static Grass Applicator

I found some tutorials on the internet about a home made Static Grass Applicator and decided to build one myself. See the end of...