A one evening project

The Athearn Genesis Bay Windows Cabooses are delivered with and without lighting installed. The unlighted cabooses have LEDS installed in the marker lights on the rooftop and wires leading to the interior of the caboose. Also the trucks have electrical pick-ups.

Due to the easily removable floor it is easy to install a small DCC functiondecoder.
I have choosen to install a Digikeijs DR80015 function decoder in the caboose. This func on decoder is equipped with 3 short-circuit-proof outputs, each with a maximum load of 500mA and numerous pre-programmed lighting effects. The small format of this decoder means it can easily be concealed. The extra function output is used to control the interior light.

Special care is to be taken to connect the markerlights on the rooftop because there are only two wires comming from the LED (Bi-polair) and on the decoder side we have three wires (a common plus and two outputs) I solved this as drawn in the diagram.

I mounted the decoder on a piece of double-sided stickytape in a empty place inside the caboose. From there on I connect the wires accordingly to the instructions in de decoder manual.