Walthers Part # 920-60122
USRA 0-8-0

When I start building the Timesaver I wished (at least) for two locomotives.

A GP7 and an USRA 0-8-0.

The Geep was the first loco I bought for my little switching layout.

With the purchase of the USRA 0-8-0 my rolling stock is complete. (for now) The Walthers Heritage 0-8-0 is from the latest limited run.

The locomotive has dark wheels and two traction tires. The electrical pickup goes trough the eight wheels of the locomotive and the eight wheels of the tender.

The Soundtraxx Tsunami DCC sounddecoder preforms well. The locomotive is able to run at a very low speed (less than 3 scale mph) and there is as good as no noise from the motor or gears.

Soon I will post more photo’s and video’s of this new locomotive.

Here you can see a brief history of this machine.

USRA SR1893 together with GP7 2180